Family Investment Planning, LLC
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Elm Grove, WI  53122
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Family Investment Planning, LLC

... the place for "Financial Life Planning":

What's that?  Comprehensive Planning or Specific tasks...

Financial Planning: 
Cash flow based analysis... making goals specific, clearer
and more actionable, like: ...
"relationship" planning, insurance needs, buying a home, 
education saving, estate planning and retirement.

Investment Advice: 
One time or, "As Needed" perhaps a "Second Opinion",
portfolio review, consisting of a systematic professional
investment review, dialog and written evaluation of your portfolios 
with "no-conflict" recommendations based on your goals,
focused on diversification, tax efficiency and performance.

Portfolio Management:
"On-going", non-discretionary portfolio management, focused on you and your investment portfolios, periodic, one on one meetings that summarized performance and offer specific advice for to you review, question and control. 

These services are "Fee based"...
hourly rates 
Negociated flat fee.
Written Free estimates.

Garrett Planning Network*,
a network of fee based advisors that share ideas and knowledge.

How do we start?
Call or e-mail, to schedule a meeting.
Complimentary "Get to know one another meeting".
Find out if Family Investment Planning, might be the place for you!

Thank you for visiting,

Kurt Mueller, CFP®
Family Investment Planning, LLC 



CFP® and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ are certification marks owned by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc.
marks are awarded to individuals who successfully complete the CFP Board’s initial and ongoing certification requirements.

*The Garrett Planning Network Inc. is an international network of fee-only financial advisors and planners. 
We are independent advisors and our goal is to make competent and objective advice accessible through
hourly as-needed financial planning.
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